"I facilitate QUANTUM CO-CREATIVITY skills, tools, and knowledge. I utilize a Learning-by-doing, learn-play methodology." ~LDMF   


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If you decided to believe that co-creativity is the outcome of a random mismatch of contributions by any participant in a collaboration process, then you are mistaken.

In our training program, you will explore how new quantum tools, techniques, methods, and holistic algorithms, combined with your natural co-creative potential, and consciousness, can produce a specific outcome.

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Quantum Co-Creativity Play Sessions

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Module 06

" Co-creativity is the expression of nature, of the dynamics between creative forces and principles in nature. For humans to co-create, individually, as a duo, trio, or collectively,  just need to realize the primordial elements of co-creation within themselves. Then, co-creation takes place naturally, effortlessly and precisely"~LDMF

Luis Daniel

Maldonado Fonken

Exploring holistic and quantum co-creativity, with multidisciplinary methodology, tools, skills, and knowledge

Luis Daniel (LDMF) has been developing 1997 a series of innovative training activities, to explore, understand and develop the capacity of quantum co-creativity.

He has studied nature-inspired ancient cultures and civilizations, their technology, knowledge, society, culture, and leadership. As well as modern scientific knowledge, on human potential, nature cycles, rhythms, principles, and laws.

Luis Daniel arrived at a pragmatic methodology, he has utilized to facilitate holistic coaching, training, and consultancy to c-level leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators, since 2001, in both Latam & EU

His HQ is in the Netherlands since 2016. Lived in Switzerland, Germany & Finland since 2003.

Today he leads the Matrix-Q Akademia where he facilitates training programs, and coaching, through a gamified, data-driven, holistic methodology.



Co-Creativity 101

1x Full-Day Training Program

After this introduction, you will be able to use a new set of skills, tools, and knowledge to practice Quantum Co-creativity

You will also receive fundamental holistic algorithms, techniques,  and methodology to develop your quantum co-creativity capacity

The training program is 80% Experiential, gamified 10% informative, and 10% pragmatic technical instruction for the use of tools.

We will review cases, and tailor-make the learning experience according to the attendee's co-creativity projects or challenges.

Self Co-creativity

How to apply quantum co-creativity principles for your own personal growth, entrepreneurial activity, or innovation challenges

Duo Co-creativity

27 Co-creativity primordial archetypes, provide you with a wide range of alternatives, you both together can play out and recombine

Collective Co-creativity

Integrating an additional simultaneous level of creativity, to your individual consciousness, and duo/trio co-creative capacity: The Collective.

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